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The FT-ALARMIT KIT makes it easier than ever to add an advanced security and alarm system to your existing Compustar remote starter. The FT-ALARMIT KIT includes an FT-DAS Shock Sensor, an FT-SIREN Alarm Siren, and an FT-LED BLUE Theft Deterrent LED to let crooks know not to mess with your ride!

Each component of the FT-ALARMIT KIT plugs directly into the Compustar Remote Starter, meaning no additional cuts or connections to your vehicle!

3-in-1 Security Sensor

ALARM IT KIT includes a DAS sensor that detects two stages of impact. When your car is hit, your security system will trigger the siren and if you have a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will instantly be alerted. Along with impact, the DAS has a tilt sensor that will notify you if your vehicle is being towed or if your tires are being stolen.