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Your personal remote starter specialist
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Your Personal Remote Car Specialist

Professional installation without the shop rates.
  1. Remote Car Starters
    Get your remote starter or alarm installed into your vehicle professionally.
  2. Dash Cam Installation
    Get your dash cam hard wired into your car, so it turns on with your vehicle ignition.
  3. Interior lighting Add-ons
    Is your vehicle too dark inside? Add some interior lights. (SEASONAL)
  4. Diagnose & Troubleshooting
    Is your remote starter not working? Let me look at it for free!
  5. Stereo Installation
    Need to upgrade your sound system? Let me help you install it. (SEASONAL)
  6. Questions?
    Unsure of what you want or need a second opinion? Contact me and I'll give you my honest opinion to the best of my knowledge.